links for 2009-04-28

28 Apr
  • I think the idea of jealously protecting copyright and trademarks, in this digital age, is outdated and ignorant. You want your ideas to spread, and you should encourage people to spread your ideas, not put up all kinds of boundaries and restrictions and obstacles to that being done. This blog, for example, is Uncopyrighted, and will always be free, because I want people to spread my posts and ideas. I think it’s actually good for me as a writer, and it’s (not insignificantly) better for the writing community in general if we can share each others’ work freely. I’m hoping that with posts like this, and the good work of thousands of other like-minded people, the old mindset of fencing off ideas and language will slowly change.
  • people aren’t successful from passion alone, usually there are other factors or “flukes” that lead to them living in their element. You may have heard successful people say that what made them great is that they were at the right place at the right time. There is some truth to that but they also had enormous passion, put in many hours and were in their “element”.
  • I believe that traveling expands your vision like nothing else. But with me, it's something of an obsession. I'm driven by a mix of relentless escapism and endless curiosity…
    In part, travel writing is a missionary pursuit; I believe the collective "we'' are better off if we look outside ourselves in ways both momentous and small…
    Good travel writing evokes a sense of place. You aren't just telling the reader about the place or the experience there, you're transporting them. You want them to smell, taste, hear, feel and yes, see it, and the people or situations you encounter there…
    At the same time, good travel writing is clean and almost spare…It is filled with characters whose personalities or actions say as much about the place as anything you might add. It tells a story, and leaves the reader both satisfied and wanting at the same time.
    Good travel writing is full of the unexpected and little-known. It is a trove of information. It is both accurate and honest.
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