links for 2009-05-26

26 May
  • The social conditioning of an either/or attitude to marriage and career has undergone a huge change in the past few years, primarily because of economic realities and the necessity for two-income households. But dig deeper and you will find that attitudes have not really changed. Marriage is still considered the pinnacle of every girl’s life…
    Women are conditioned to be responsible for everyone and everything: their homes, their husbands’ careers, their children. But we are never taught to be responsible for ourselves, to take control of our lives. Behind the many successful career women lies the story of a supportive husband or in-laws…but seldom the story of her own desires and struggles.
    Why does a successful woman always have to feel indebted to a husband or father for “allowing” her to pursue a career? Sure, it helps to have support and I’m not knocking that, but how many women really follow their own heart when it comes to living their lives?
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