links for 2009-07-16

16 Jul
  • The irony of it all is that if our jobs were to disappear, we would mourn for a day and move on, hardly changed by the event. But if any of those personal moments were to disappear, we would carry that loss to the end of our lives. Technically, every moment ought to be lived to its fullest—lived as if it is our last—but somehow we can never walk the talk while we’re running around, consumed by our fast-paced marathon of a life. But then something happens that brings us to a screeching halt in disbelief, dismay and devastation.
  • The Internet hosts billions of web pages but a large chunk of this material may be inappropriate for your young children. Therefore, let’s explore a couple of easy ways that can possibly help parents prevent kids from viewing the dark side of the world wide web.
    You don’t have be a tech-savvy person to implement any of the following stuff on your home computer(s) and all the software tools / services discussed here are available for free via the Internet.
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