links for 2009-07-28

28 Jul
  • Every single industry was going to be turned upside down! New industries would be created! Start-ups would make people rich! Which is really nice, because it's awesome to be rich! And, bonus: It'll never be winter again!
    For programmers like me, this was extremely heady stuff, because it meant that, for the first time, we might not be relegated to tasks such as fixing the code on mainframe accounting software. We would have a new job — designing and building the future itself!
    …We were lucky. We started late, and we hadn't had a chance to hire very many people yet, so we didn't burn through cash as quickly as others. And we were fortunate enough to have a software product under development, so that when the Web consulting industry disappeared, we still had money coming in. Because if you can survive the death of your industry, well, you can survive just about anything.
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