links for 2009-08-02

02 Aug
  • What I like most about this new professional pallet is the sheer variety. At this point in my life, dedication to a single mission, even with diverse opportunities within it, isn't enough. It's refreshing to use many parts of my brain every week — and to navigate an array of work and educational cultures, imperfect as each one is. That isn't to say that someday I won't again seek a singular professional purpose (after all, I did it well for a long time). But right now that seems unnaturally narrow to me, even at odds with the way the human mind, or at least my mind, is built.
    When I digressed from the career path I was on last fall, I didn't lift off the ground and rocket to the sky, or turn tail and retreat, or bolt whooping into the wide wilderness. I simply pivoted on my heel and started walking, slowly, on my own path — one within plain sight of where I was before.
  • It is well-understood and widely appreciated that the government has a role in funding primary education because of its public good characteristics. However it is also widely appreciated that governments usually are not very good at providing the service. The solution is therefore public funding but private provisioning of the education. What’s needed is the design of the instruments to get this done and an independent regulatory authority that will oversee the entire operation.
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