links for 2009-08-07

07 Aug
  • Google understands that simplicity is both sacred and central to its competitive advantage. Mayer is a specialist in artificial intelligence, not design, but she hits on the secret to her home page's success: "It gives you what you want, when you want it, rather than everything you could ever want, even when you don't."
    That, says Joe Duffy, founder of the award-winning Minneapolis design firm Duffy & Partners and author of Brand Apart, is a pretty good definition of good design. He quotes a famous line from the eminent designer Milton Glaser: "Less isn't more; just enough is more." Just enough, says Duffy, contains an aesthetic component that differentiates one experience from another.
  • The perks are tempting: mid-morning jogs, hours billed from a café in Paris or from your back porch, not needing permission to skip a day to take care of a sick child. But does it make sense for you to take the plunge into freelance life?
    Freelancing isn't easy or right for everyone, and it can take at least a year to get into the full swing of things. First, you should consider whether freelancing is a buoy while you job search or whether you want to make a life of it. Your goals should guide your approach…
    To identify your patterns, assess your ability to focus without a boss' urging, your resilience, and your stomach for self-marketing. Also think hard about legal issues such as privacy agreements or contractual requirements that may need to be cleared before you can set up shop, and how well you can set and command the rates you want.
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