links for 2009-09-06

06 Sep
  • Peter Drucker understands life principles because he understands how individuals are fearfully and wonderfully made with eternity in mind.
  • Every weekend morning will see a debate within you…the side which wants to seize the day, go meet friends, pursue hobbies, all that jazz. The other side wants to just pull up the blanket and go right back to sleep. Mostly, the latter wins. Carpe diem, my foot šŸ˜
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  • The urge to disappear, to shed oneā€™s identity and reemerge in another, surely must be as old as human society. Itā€™s a fantasy that can flicker tantalizingly on the horizon at moments of crisis or grow into a persistent daydream that accompanies lifeā€™s daily burdens. A fight with your spouse leaves you momentarily despondent, perhaps, or a longtime relationship feels dead on its feet. Your mortgage payment becomes suddenly unmanageable, or a pile of debts gradually rises above your head. Maybe you simply awaken one day unable to shake your disappointment over a choice you could have made or a better life you might have had. And then the thought occurs to you: What if I could drop everything, abandon my lifeā€™s baggage, and start over as someone else?
  • Perfectionists have a hard time starting things and an even harder time finishing them. At the beginning, it's they who aren't ready. At the end, it's their product that's not. So either they don't start the screenplay or it sits in their drawer for ten years because they don't want to show it to anyone.
    But the world doesn't reward perfection. It rewards productivity. And productivity can only be achieved through imperfection. Make a decision. Follow through. Learn from the outcome. Repeat over and over and over again. It's the scientific method of trial and error. Only by wading through the imperfect can we begin to achieve glimpses of the perfect.
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