links for 2009-10-14

14 Oct
  • Sacha Litman runs the consulting firm Measuring Success, which helps non-profits make decisions based on quantitative data. He collected data across hundreds of organizations and noticed something surprising about their successes and challenges in this economic downturn.
    First, what he didn't find: there was no correlation between membership and price increases. In other words, customers didn't leave simply because an organization raised its prices.
    But he did find a different correlation: between membership and an organization's net promoter score, which measures how likely a customer is to recommend the organization to a friend…
    What's true for organizations is true for people as well. Understand your unique value, leverage it to fill a need, and you can write your own ticket.
    On the other hand, neglect your value, or don't develop it, and your customers (and bosses) will go elsewhere.
  • What the theory implies that some agency, let’s call him/her/it God, prevents the success of the Large Hadron Collider project because the discovery of the Higgs Boson is something “He/She/It” abhors, perhaps because it might destroy everything that there is…This is essentially an extension of what is known as the anthropomorphic view of the universe…which essentially says “Since we, important as we are, live in this universe things must always work out for the good in order to keep us existent”…
    This is why God “fixed things up”, in essence snipping off branches in the decision tree with foreknowledge of what would happen if those paths were taken suggesting the possibility that many of what we think are “choices” do not exactly exist and that “match fixing” might have religious significance.
  • It is not that these are writers of no merit: truly bad writers don't make it to the shortlist. In different ways…Müller have made their contributions to literature and literary history. Consider this, perhaps, evidence of this critic's poor taste and judgement, when I say that reading their works has not convinced me that these are writers who will last, or whose works I am astonished and pleased to discover. Perhaps pleasure is a frivolous thing to want from the Nobel Prize; perhaps its august list of writers is prescriptive, a judgement handed down from a great height to us lesser mortals, an injunction to go forth and have our minds improved. It is frivolous to complain, as I do having read two of Müller's books and all that is available of Le Clezio, Jelinek and Kertesz in translation, that they bring me no enjoyment as a reader. And yet I find that enjoyment is important to me, personally, as a reader, and that in the last two decades, I have had little of that from the Nobel.
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