links for 2009-11-10

10 Nov
  • Aviation is a customer service business more than anything else. Most companies have similar aircrafts, equipments and infrastructure available to them. It is only customer service that enhances quality of experience and makes an airline preferable over other.
    This experience taught me some valuable lessons in what NOT to do in customer service. Here are the top 7 mistakes in customer service:
    1. Not smiling enough
    2. Not listening and not communicating
    3. Lying to your customers and not fulfilling your promises
    4. Sticking to your policy and ignoring problems faced by the customer
    5. Going inaccessible when customer wants to talk to you
    6. Passing the buck to someone higher in the order
    7. Forgetting the basic courtesies: Smiling, saying “Thank You” and “Sorry” does not cost a dime but it shows that you care.
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  1. Tanmay Vora

    November 13, 2009 at 8:27 am

    Thank you for link to my post on Customer Service. I am glad you liked it.



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