links for 2009-11-25

25 Nov
  • Prem Panicker on Anniversary Blues:
    "Those two signposts — CRPF jawans crapping, peeing and bathing in the shadow of the Gateway and those divine smoked salmon sandwiches – perfectly bookend our response, as a government and as a society, to one of the worst terrorist attacks, worldwide, in recent memory.
    The least we could do is avoid noise pollution, no?"
  • For weeks we followed the production of a low-budget film inspired by the Mumbai terrorist attacks. Here it is, the insanely comic making of a tragic film…
    Not long after the night of 26 November, several filmmakers had a wholly original thought. Why not make a disaster movie out of this? And so, as the filming of Total Ten commenced at Film City in Goregaon, there was a certain hesitation over the sensitivity of the subject, which roughly translated to: “Will somebody kill me for doing this?” One actor asked another if the script had an anti-Muslim or anti-Pakistan stance, and got a shrug in response. Neither had seen the script.
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