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30 Nov
  • In recent years, Mother India has welcomed back tens of thousands of former emigrants and their offspring…But…many Indians who spent most of their lives in North America and Europe are finding they can’t go home again…
    These repats, as they are known, are drawn by India’s booming economic growth, the chance to wrestle with complex problems and the opportunity to learn more about their heritage…
    The repats complained about traffic, lack of infrastructure, bureaucracy and pollution.
    For many returnees the cultural ties and chance to do good that drew them back are overshadowed by workplace cultures that feel unexpectedly foreign, and can be frustrating. Sometimes returnees discover that they share more in their attitudes and perspectives with other Americans or with the British than with other Indians. Some stay just a few months, some return to the West after a few years.
  • तुम मेरी हो भी जाओ
    तब भी तो
    होंगे ये दुख और ये जुल्मोसितम
    ठह-ठह हँसेगा असत्य
    नाचेगी नंगी दरिन्दगी
    (tags: Poetry poem Hindi)
  • ढल रहा है सूर्य
    घिर रही है शाम
    पर ठहरो
    कुछ कहना है तुमसे!
    सुन लो
    तो जाना!
    जाना खतरनाक है अन्धेरे में
    लौटना तो और भी
    फिर भी मैं कहता हूँ–
    चीखूँ जब
    अन्धकार के खिलाफ़ उठकर पुकारूँ
    तो आना!
    (tags: Poetry Hindi poem)
  • What are the principles of success as recess? First, success has to be about you, not your organization. Imagine yourself being as big as your organization – what would you be like? How do you match your destiny to your desire? Second, freedom is actually a bigger game than power. Power is about what you can control. Freedom is about what you can unleash. Third, think about time differently. You have to think about your legacy. What are you doing that will live beyond you? If the answer is nothing, what do you have to be proud of? Fourth, don't motivate – model. Success is not what you're doing, it's how you're doing it. Are you able to live with flourish, panache, ambition, and pride? And fifth, remember that things evolve. The things you attach success to will have a life of their own and a destiny beyond anything you can see. In fact, the ultimate measure of your success is to realize that you don't have to be recognized for your work – because you're making a contribution.
  • In simpler times, fierce personal confidence, a sense of infallibility as a leader, might have been be a calling card of success. Today it is a warning sign of failure, whether from bad judgment, low morale among disillusioned colleagues, or sheer burnout from the pressures of always having to be right.
    (tags: leadership)
  • My favorite Harvard Business School professor gave our class this parting advice: always keep enough money in the bank to free you from having your actions shaped by financial need. Be able to walk away.
    I'd add: Enjoy, but never take life's trappings too seriously.
    In this special week, I'm very thankful for all I have… and for the knowledge of what it's like to have not.
  • No one knows he'll get fired for a bungled project so ignoring it seems safer than addressing it. But, of course, it's the opposite. When you go into denial and ignore something, you don't act. And if you don't act, you can't prevent what you fear from happening. In fact, your inaction may even make it more likely.
    Here's a general rule: the more you fear a conversation, the more you probably need to have it. Think of fear as an indicator of a problem that needs to be addressed…
    The sooner you accept the situation, the sooner you can do something about it. Instead of shying away from the answers, dive in. Remember: use the fear as a catalyst, not a focus. Your focus needs to be the underlying problem.
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