links for 2010-02-14

14 Feb
  • Here is what my bookcase says about me
  • Relax. In this movie, you won’t be the hero. No you will be God. Not only will you make Archimedes look like an engineering school dropout but make even St. Peter look like Caligula. You will help everyone even when being hauled onto the cross, you will rebuild flood-affected villages while the US administration watches in silence, you will fix engines and most importantly, you will always always speak the truth. Just like God…And as a final touch, the character will share your last name so that the connection between you and him will be very tight—–if he is God then so are you…
    Castingwise, I am going to cajole KyaJhol to act opposite you—–you two have always given megahits. Chemistry is very important and I am sure with her around, the chemistry issue will be handled very satisfactorily. She might screech a bit too much when the drama gets intense, like old Premier Padminis scream and shake at speeds above 60 kmph, but she is reliable.
  • Wash chicken pieces, drain water. Marinate with salt, pepper, ginger-garlic paste and red-wine vinegar. Make sure it’s enough to coat the chicken with a little left over.
    In a non-stick pan, fry onion in 4 tsp of oil (vegetable or olive). Brown onions.
    Add dhania powder to the browned onion. The paste must look dark brown.
    Add marinated chicken. Sautee on slow flame till coated with onion and dhania powder.
    Taste for masalas and salt. Cover and cook on a slow fire. Stir occasionally till done.
    Serves five.
  • My colleague Molly Wood called it a privacy nightmare, but to many, Google's new social-networking tool Buzz is at its root an unwanted, unasked for pest. The way some of us see it, we didn't opt in to some newfangled Twitter system and we don't particularly want to see updates from contacts we never asked to follow creep up in our Buzz in-box. Call us what you will, but for curmudgeonly types like us, Buzz isn't so much social networking as it is socially awkward networking. We tried it, we didn't like it, and now it has to go.
    Here's how we silenced Buzz from the desktop
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