links for 2010-02-15

15 Feb
  • Now here's a thought – we are all a community – one that cares deeply about children, education, reading and more. So can we, as a community, help 'Boi Gari' (book van)?
    Would you be interested in sending them, or sending us, books that we can send them so that more children have more books to read?
    We at Pratham Books are happy to help anchor this effort. If you are interested, leave us a comment, send us a tweet, email us or call us please?
  • After working with all three sites for the past month, I concluded that LibraryThing is the best site of the three for maintaining and organizing your book collection. GoodReads is close second if you want to share your reading habits with your friends. Shelfari is a distant third.
  • Thank you for the outpouring of sympathy over my death in the recent terror attack. I’m the guy whose remains were never identified, but my car keys were found in the rubble. I wish that I never really died and that I had just decided to drop my car keys in after the bombing – you know, just to stage my disappearance. But no – I’m really dead…
    I’m so proud to have stayed in my strong and resilient city. The government deserves praise for allowing the people of my city the freedom to experience so many terror attacks in the last few years: it has given us our indomitable spirit. My city will take these attacks in its stride. We’re so much better than those sissy cities where every murder is a big deal.
  • Cinema evokes powerful responses and can act as an engaging medium to draw attention to serious issues, to anguish and suffering, when handled with depth as has been done…
    However, MNIK uses AS to push the point about religious prejudice…
    Individuals with AS are known to be uncommunicative; Rizwan talks too much. He is very well-groomed for the part as well. Those afflicted with AS really cannot be bothered about their appearance…
    Typical manifestations of the disorder such as an inability to empathise, impulsive behaviour, over-frankness and a lack of understanding of the outcome of situations, may be misunderstood by law enforcement authorities with serious consequences. The awareness of such difficulties has led…to form support groups…which have succeeded in putting in place disability laws which protect the rights of this vulnerable segment of the population. Strangely, none of this kind of restraint is shown when Rizwan is arrested till the media highlights his plight.
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