links for 2010-03-03

03 Mar
  • (Simon) Singh wrote an article…challenging the British Chiropractic Association's claim that its treatments can cure, among other ailments, colic among infants, ear infections, and asthma. Mr. Singh said there was no evidence to support these claims, which he called "bogus."
    The association could have challenged the author in an open debate, providing the evidence Mr. Singh said did not exist. Instead, it sued the author for libel…Justice David Eady decided that Mr. Singh's article was defamatory because, according to the judge, Mr. Singh implied that the association deliberately misled the public…
    British libel laws claim almost universal jurisdiction, allowing plaintiffs to sue over publications that may have only a tenuous link with Britain. This in turn has encouraged libel tourism- a lucrative business for British lawyers -as foreigners jet to British courts seeking protection from public scrutiny…
    And so Mr. Singh is unlikely to be the last victim of Britain's libel laws.
  • Just because I’m a sleep doc doesn’t mean I only encounter insomniacs and narcoleptics. Much to the contrary, I meet sound sleepers all the time and love engaging them in conversation. Have they always been good sleepers? What’s their “secret”?
    Well, sorry, but there isn’t just one secret. But a pattern emerges when you begin to collect such words of wisdom…
  • I was born in Indore but never lived there for more than a couple of vacation weeks every year. However, I did spend almost every summer and diwali vacation there until I went to college. So I have always had a curious and amused outsider's perspective on the city and its people. Indori folks accents, mannerisms, their way of (barely) doing business, and their immense self-confidence.
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