links for 2010-03-12

12 Mar
  • Thank you for visiting my cube. I am very friendly, but please: before you knock, slap me on my back, attempt to strangulate me to gain my attention, or pull out my earphones from my ears, please read this:
    1. I have the same calendar system as you – so I probably already know I’m late for the meeting. If you still see me here, it’s because if I don’t fix this, I’m getting fired, which will make me even more late for the meeting.
    2. If I want you to read the email I’m typing, you will know it very soon because I’ll include you in the Cc list, thus enabling you to read the email in the comfort of your own cube.
    14. I really can’t do justice to open-ended questions like “so what are you working on nowadays?”. Mostly because I don’t know the answer. Nor does my boss.
    19. I have no plans to go back to the US as of now. I promise to update this document if that changes.
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