links for 2010-03-30

30 Mar
  • Dear Raj Thackeray,
    Hope you and all the Marathi manoos (or is it manooses?) you directly and indirectly employ are well and ulcer-free. I know you’re a busy man (you work so hard every week to come up with at least three new creative rules to live and play by in your Mumbai) but your last googly really made me wonder about your neeyat (intention)…
    Also, when you said you wanted roles for more Marathi junior artistes, did you mean that you want to see more Maharashtrian item girls in our films? Did Rakhi Sawant complain that she’s not getting enough job offers post her swayamvar? Why don’t you just do what other politicians do and call in a favour or two. If the film industry survived gangster Abu Salem promoting Monica Bedi in Hindi films, it can surely survive a couple of recomanoosdations from you.
  • It's my job, and consequently the job of every other leader in my company, to teach everyone who works for us to distinguish center from off center and always to set things right. I send my managers an unequivocal message: I'm going to be extremely specific as to where every component on that tabletop belongs. I anticipate that outside forces, including you, will conspire to change the table setting. Every time that happens, I'm going to move everything back to the way it should be. That's the constant aspect. I'll never recenter the saltshaker in a way that denies you your dignity. That's the gentle aspect. But standards are standards, and I'm constantly watching every table and pushing back on every saltshaker that's moved because excellent performance is paramount. That's the pressure.
    Constant, gentle pressure is my preferred technique for leadership, guidance, and coaching. It's the job of any business owner to be clear about the company's nonnegotiable core values.
  • Christmas Eve would always be the day he lost his sweetheart, Nerissa Love. To make matters worse during the tour of 1953-54, letters that Nerissa had written to Blair before her death would continue to arrive at the team hotel for weeks afterwards. New Zealand would lose the second test and the series, but the character shown at Ellis Park would earn a respect beyond anything an international victory could offer.
    "It is not the result of the match that will be best remembered when men come together to talk about cricket," said the Rand Daily Mail, in an article later reproduced in Men in White. "They will speak of a match that was as much worth watching as it was worth playing, a match the New Zealanders decided must go on. And if the rest of the world still wonders what it is all about, the only possible answer is that, if men are going to play, they can do a lot worse than play cricket."
  • “If we can just get a few things right — immigration, education standards, bandwidth, fiscal policy — maybe we’ll be O.K.” It left me feeling that maybe Alice Wei Zhao of North High School in Sheboygan, Wis., chosen by her fellow finalists to be their spokeswoman, was right when she told the audience: “Don’t sweat about the problems our generation will have to deal with. Believe me, our future is in good hands.”
    As long as we don’t shut our doors.
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