links for 2010-04-05

05 Apr
  • Menon chronicled the last day of Shiok for Lounge in a candid, heartfelt piece…
    The restaurateur on the day he closed Shiok—from preparing for the last party and paying his staff to the time the music actually stopped…
    And as everyone heads out, they hug me or shake my hand, and each one tells me how great it was while it lasted. It’s hard to hear it so much without it affecting you, and I feel my eyes cloud up as I stare vacantly into space for a couple of minutes. “Are you OK, Madhu?” I hear from someone. I resist the impulse to lash out with an angry “what do you think?” and just shake my head instead. I look around, think of the past six years, the people I’ve fed and the good times we’ve had. There is no point in regrets.
    Lights out for the final time. I’ll have to cling to the happy memories, and use the others as life’s learning experiences. It’s time to move on.
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