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20 Apr
  • It took time and determination to tear myself away from the business on a regular basis. I started out taking one week of vacation per year and gradually worked up to four…The more time I took, the better I felt, and the more I appreciated just why vacations…on which you clear your mind and don't think about business at all — are so important. I would come back from one feeling rejuvenated and able to take a fresh, uncluttered view of the business. I could see issues and problems with a clarity I hadn't had before. It was obvious to me that I was a bigger asset to the company on my return than I had been when I left.
    As a result, my thinking changed. I would hear people saying, "I haven't taken a vacation in five years," as if it were a badge of courage. I might once have agreed…Now, increasingly, I saw it as a badge of stupidity. Though people liked to portray themselves as making sacrifices for their business, they weren't, in fact, helping anybody by not taking vacations.
  • While reading all this, keep one central fact in mind: the GoI has been aware of most of this for at least 8, more likely 10, months now. Just in case you were marveling at how efficient the investigative agencies are, and how quickly the whole ball of wax is unravelling. Also, ask the BCCI how long it has known of the Netlinkblue connection, including the systematic defaulting on payments.
  • they have governing council and executive committee and other bodies scheduled to meet to ‘discuss’ the affair and to allow Modi to make his case…everything that has to be decided already has been.
    To wit: 1. The board has moved beyond its original intent to trim Lalit Modi to size, and is now determined to get rid of him before the stain spreads to their own lily white liveries. The choice LKM is being given is to exit the stage in his own way before the end of IPL-3, or go through the ignominy of being turfed out in unceremonious fashion. 2. Shashank Manohar, whose term as BCCI president ends in September, will move into the chair of IPL commissioner and in tandem with N Srinivasan, will become de facto decision makers on all things IPL and BCCI. 3. In the interests of hanging Modi out to dry as early as possible, and thus turning the heat off the board, BCCI honchos behind the scenes will help investigating agencies by pointing them at where some bodies are buried.
  • 4. Gossiping, Web surfing…shopping at lunch…healthy ways to decompress when you’ve spent an hour commuting and another three hours sitting in an uncomfortable chair…At home, where all is relative peace and luxury, such activities seem to me Caligula-scale decadent. Still no one can work eight hours without pause. So establish some useful, non-fun things to do during work breaks that don’t induce guilt. Do your laundry or clean your gutters or catch up on your work reading. Stock your bathroom with the collected oeuvre of Peter Drucker. If you have exercise equipment, work out. Unless you enjoy working out, in which case avoid that at all costs.
    5. If you have children, explain that when your door is closed they should not disturb you. If they fail to comply, explain that if they continue to interrupt then you will miss your deadlines and lose your job, which will force the family to live on the streets and sell all their toys for food.
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