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21 Apr
  • Even when I sit today to think about any problem, specially on the subject of engines, I feel to proud to say that I do not give up easily, even if its totally new topic. The continuous treatment to thinking in the class has made me to explore the logic behind the problem/phenomenon, and then try and educate myself with the actual reasons. I attribute this paradigm shift in my approach towards academics, and maybe in a broader sense towards life, to Professor Bansal. If I ever get a chance to imitate anyone as an instructor, maybe I would like him to be my idol in life. We always loved to hate the way he scolded us for insincerity, but cherished the way he nurtured us for imperfections. He is one Professor who is a “performer” in the class, and used to mesmerize us all, always. And as I always say about him, not everyone is as lucky to be able to attend lectures by him – We mechanical engineers were!
  • With extreme grief, we have to announce the sad demise of Prof. B B Bansal…professor at dept. of Mechanical Engineering. During his 40 yrs career at our institute, he was also head of the Mechanical Engineering department and TPO…
    His untiring efforts at the TPO ensured near perfect campus placements for our students during this tenure.
    Prof. Bansal lead from the front. He was always active in alumni effort and was also a board member of our alumni association – ITBHUGlobal. He always championed for scholarships for poor students. He persuaded one of his batch mates (1967 mechanical) to donate $100K, the interest of which will provide free tuition and all expenses for 16 needy students each year, starting from incoming batch in next academic year. He had also discussed with two more of his batch mates to start similar scholarships for extremely poor and needy students.
    The IT BHU community will miss this exemplary academic and a charismatic leader,
    May his soul rest in peace.
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