links for 2010-04-26

26 Apr
  • Most employees experience their organization through…middle managers. They perform many key roles-administrators, delegators, motivators, communicators, listeners, counsellors. Even in tough times a great front-line manager can do wonders creating an island of high employee engagement. But serendipity does not a successful manager make.
    Wise corporations realize this. A human architecture with a strong middle requires sustained and intense effort…requires the creation of these super managers, and then keeping them engaged, and in the corporation. Of equal importance…is the making and nurturing of these managers…
    Motivation will come from the learning and financial value-add that corporations can give these bright managers…equally important is equipping them with information…Motivation also comes from a sense of being included in decision making…for this, senior leaders must let them in, meeting them face to face, listening to their concerns, and addressing them with speed
  • Now that Facebook is loosening its data-sharing policies with third-party Web sites and applications, it's the perfect time for users to consider tightening up their privacy settings. This week the mega social network announced new personalization features that extend the Facebook experience to third-party Web sites–unless you opt out, that is. Here's a rundown of the new features, and how you can opt out if you choose.
  • On a less dogmatic and free market fundamentalist note, I like regulators who are heavily involved with creating the start conditions and rules of their market, and then creating a set of rules so good that the market can run by itself with minimal interference. I dislike the other extreme of regulation, where the regulator keeps getting involved with every little thing the market players do – think of a cricket match where the umpire doesn’t just call no balls and wides, but tells the bowler how to do the run up before every ball. Over the past few years, SEBI has been moving to the space where it only addresses the rules. The RBI and IRDA are still very much in the micromanaging space.
    So I think this particular spat is very exciting in that it will provide an impetus to move to the regulatory model I like.
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