links for 2010-04-30

30 Apr
  • How fragile must those divinities be, that they need protection from mere humans! That’s why Revolution Muslim wants to get South Park off the air; the Pope can’t take a joke; and, lest one forgets, Hindus can’t let Maqbool Fida Husain paint. There is a story Vivekananda recalls, of the swami being angry over the destruction of a temple by Muslims, when he hears the goddess ask him:
    Am I here to protect you, or are you there to protect me?
    Divinities are strong enough to look after themselves. Artists and writers aren’t. They need our protection. But as Bart Simpson says on the blackboard: “South Park: We’d stand beside you if we weren’t so scared.”
    Everyone is scared. But nothing is sacred. Relax, it is just a sketch.
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