links for 2010-05-06

06 May
  • Like most readers, I love browsing in bookshops and libraries. I like to run my fingers along the spines and read titles and authors’ names. I pull the books out and flip through them, thinking about the stories inside them, the things I would learn from them, how my life would be subtly but surely different after I had read them. Sometimes I buy or borrow the books and read them. As much as I enjoy the books, I often find that the book I have read is somehow not as exciting as the book I had imagined reading. No book is ever quite as good as it potentially could have been…
    I have not read these books because I worry that they’re not the books I think they are. Perhaps I will never read them. I’m sure they are wonderful books, but no book could possibly contain all the knowledge and understanding I am expecting from these. I know it’s unrealistic, but I still hope.
  • Writing Technique: Get coffee. Stare at the screen. Write a bunch of things that aren’t any good. Then comes that moment when I’ll say, “That’s still not any good.”
    Misconception About Writing: One is that it is easy, and one is that it is hard. People think they could write a book, and if they try, it’s usually awful. Writers claim it’s agony, but come on! You don’t spend that many hours per day doing it.
    Best Recent Gift: My wife gave me a shaving thing with a brush on it. For 35 years I shaved in the shower, without looking, which is why my right sideburn was always shorter than my left. The new shaver has made me a more clean-cut human being, and I even use after-shave, and women want to have sex with me now. All of them.
  • There is a lot of pain, doubt, sadness and pessimism in the world. I have felt it, you have felt it, our contributors have felt it. That’s why this launch is exciting. This is a message that we believe in. We think these stories can empower people to chip away at their fears. Fear.less is something we’ve put our heart into and allowed to challenge and change us, so sharing it with you is pretty exciting.
  • Need willpower to work on something difficult? Ask yourself when you need that willpower the most…
    Then, whatever you do, don't give up in the moments when you're most vulnerable…
    In other words, never quit a diet while reading the dessert menu. It's too tempting. That's not the right time to second-guess your commitment. It's precisely the time to use your willpower and discipline.
    We waste a lot of time, energy, and focus second-guessing ourselves. Am I doing the right work? Is this project worthwhile? Is this employee going to work out? That moment-by-moment deliberation is a distraction at best and sabotage at worst. If you keep asking yourself whether a project is worth working on, you'll reduce your effort on that project — who wants to spend time on something that might fail? — and doom its success.
  • After having observed increased level of happiness and satisfaction among the employees in the past few weeks, the HR team of Hindustan Companies Limited (HCL) met today to discuss innovative ways of reducing employee pleasure to bring it down to the acceptable levels. The three member top level team is expected to finish its brainstorming session by 5.30 PM sharp and submit its recommendations to the top management tomorrow.
    “We had received specific information from our sources that employees were seen generally happy and jovial in the past few weeks. No important announcement or managerial decisions were taken in the concerned duration that could have logically added to the overall well-being of the employees. At best, the development could be termed an aberration.” Hari Sadu, HR head of HCL said.
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