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07 May
  • What is the USP of our IT Business – We provide qualified workforce at lower rates…The real value of software lies in the fact that it can be created and sold…but the creator can reap more benefits by upgrading it, adding more features to it…Indian IT industry does nothing of that sort…possible reasons for this could be the lure of immediate profits…
    The high grade & high paying work is to develop software products which can be sold to many customers. However, the focus of the Indian industry is to not to tap into the immense talent pool this country has to offer to create such products but rather to suck the talent pool in order to help others build their products…
    The process of developing new branded software requires understanding market needs, interacting with potential end customers, and a heavy dose of creativity. Indian IT industry entirely banks on the export of cheap Indian labor to onsite locations or relocating of mundane, repetitive work to off-shore locations.
  • First, and arguably most important, is the need to love and be loved….by love I mean focused concern and action directed at another exclusively for that person's good…
    Second is the need to grow. The only alternative to growth is death and decay…
    Third is the need to contribute…
    The fourth and final need to be met for full leadership, effectiveness and happiness, is the need for meaning…
    The transformational leader understands that satisfying all four of these needs may not be easy, but when they are being met in the day-to-day affairs of his or her people, something magnificent begins to emerge: people instinctively play a bigger game, and show up in a more passionate, creative, engaged and effective way. The consequences are difficult to argue with — hard, measurable, and in many instances, astonishing results.
  • “Most people who are rich are not rich because they have flashy careers,” Patzer said. “They are rich because they were very methodical about their saving.”
    Patzer got into a “saving” mode at a very young age, when his father introduced him to the wonders of interest compounding. Finding out that money, when left to earn interest long-term, can grow exponentially because interest earns interest, which then goes on to earn interest and so forth, Patzer had calculated that if he saved his allowance, he could have $65 billion by the time he retired. (His giddy bubble was burst soon thereafter, however, when his father also introduced the concepts of taxes and inflation. Oh well.)
  • These are five ways in which you can prepare your children for the offices waiting for them in 2030:
    1. Give them individual swipe cards and make them swipe it at the kitchen door each morning before breakfast. Latecomers go to school hungry. For an even better impact, don’t say anything for weeks, and then one day declare they were late on 17 days and refuse to feed them for that period…
    3. Promise your children very expensive gifts if they do well in school. For instance, a PS3 if they top in Social Studies. As they are going into the exam hall, show them big, full-colour photos of the PS3. When they come out of the exam looking thrilled, tell them that the Greek economy has tanked, this has ruined the markets, and give them a shuttlecock and a hug instead. (Older children can be taught frustration by giving this PS3 to a random, undeserving classmate.)…
    I hope parents will implement these steps right away. Let us all help build a realistic, prepared corporate India in the future
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