links for 2010-05-11

11 May
  • It’s time for Indians to ask: have we no shame? Every time Mumbai goes through some disastrous experience, our editorial pages are filled with paeans to the ‘Mumbai spirit’, ‘the Mumbaikar’s resilience’.
    Why should that spirit need to be called upon so often, why should ordinary citizens, everyday people, need to be so resilient? Why cannot the State guarantee, even to some extent, that a citizen’s dignity is not recognised after a disaster, but all the year round, every single day?…
    Kasab will live at the Indian taxpayer’s expense, the terrorists in Pakistan will regroup and re-attack, and one of us will die a sudden violent death. This death, of course, will be ‘strongly condemned’. Be assured and comforted, it will be a ‘dastardly act’…
    India can either talk to Pakistan or it can act and stop terror. It can’t do both.
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