links for 2010-05-16

16 May
  • One of the greatest things about India is that our government cares about us so much. Our legislature knows that we want new laws quickly, so it doesn't waste time pointlessly debating them. Our executive knows that cricket is a national passion but agriculture isn't, which is why Sharad Pawar spends more time on the BCCI than on the Ministry of Agriculture. And in the judiciary, we have the awesome Justice KT Sankaran who has set out to protect us from the Love Jihad…
    Unfortunately, something did go wrong for the Love Jihad – they came up against the Kerala High Court. It realised that interreligious marriages are so uncommon that if they suddenly rise, a criminal conspiracy is to blame. The other culprits – increasing socialisation between people of different religions, declining influence of religions in general – are impossible…It-s good to know that we have a court that is so committed to our security that it hunts down and tackles the most improbable of threats.
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