links for 2010-05-25

25 May
  • Based on this graph, I’m guessing that Oracle now outsources the development of its courses to the primate house of the local zoo. Although I haven’t seen the course myself, I’m told that this graph is typical. If this is what a leading Business Intelligence software vendor considers an effective way to display data, it’s no wonder that people are frustrated with the industry…
    It is as if the person who created this “Good Dashboards” example of a graph did everything possible to make it as ineffective as possible.
    How can a vendor that claims to understand data and presumes to teach people best practices in its use know so little? Oracle, you should be embarrassed.
  • Just before the start of the World Championship match in Sofia Vishy Anand learnt that his opponent, Veselin Topalov, had access to a computer cluster, running the latest Rybka program, which was being held back for exclusive use by the Bulgarians…Topalov had a seriously powerful set of computers, and in addition access to a Blue Gene/L super-computer that had 8792 processors and could execute around 500 teraFLOPS…
    Against this frightening hardware superiority, made possible with the assistance of the Bulgarian government, Anand, as he narrates in the first part of the interview, received assistance during the preparation phase and during the match from a "human cluster": his four regular seconds, but in addition also Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov and Vladimir Kramnik (with a small sparring session with youthful GM Anish Giri). This of course did not eliminate the need for computers, and in part two Anand talks about the use of electronic helpers as opposed to human seconds.
  • he team of World Championship challenger Veselin Topalov reportedly spent a large sum of money to secure a 112 core computer cluster running at mind boggling speed. "How did the reigning champion counter this awesome hardware advantage," we asked. Anand answered this question in a candid and very detailed interview broadcast on Monday Playchess. He used a human cluster!
    Well, by December it was clear that Magnus (Carlsen) was going to be number one in the world, and I wasn’t really sure that I should expect his help again…But sometime in March he got in touch with us, and said that he would be happy to help for a couple of days…
    The next person who got in touch…was Garry (Kasparov)…I sent him some details about what we were planning to play…and he said he would check them against his own notes and let me know if it was okay…Garry did get in touch a couple of times during the match. He was almost in training mode…
    Finally…Vlady (Kramnik) called…
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