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  • You have proved yourself blind to justice, blind to honour, blind to decency, and to the suffering of the poor whom your high office binds you to protect.
    Blind in to everything but foreign dollars?
    Prime Minister, can we get our eyes removed too? Because it is becoming extremely difficult to see you ignore the truth and tell us, everything’s ok.
  • Let’s assume that some unfortunate woman made a huge mistake, and you are now a married man. Let’s also assume that although India’s Fifa ranking is around 337, you still want to watch the World Cup because you’re not a narrow minded parochialist.
    The combination of these two things spells trouble, and you are lucky someone is here to guide you. Unfortunately, that person got unavoidably detained elsewhere, so you’ll have to settle for me.
    Is this such a big problem, you ask? After all, she’s used to the horror of being married to you, so her pain threshold must be pretty high. But therein lie the seeds of your own downfall. After all these years, if there’s one thing she’s learnt, it’s this. Things can always get worse.
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