links for 2010-06-10

10 Jun
  • I am outraged that 'gambling' is banned in India. Firstly, such a ban is morally wrong. If an adult makes a decision about a particular course of action, or two consenting adults enter into an arrangement about anything at all without infringing the rights of anyone else, it should be nobody's business but theirs. The government is violating their rights by getting in the way.
    Secondly, such a ban is hypocritical. We already allow most forms of gambling, so to ban just a few makes no sense. Investing in stocks, for example, is as risky for the average investor as most things you could do in a casino. All the governments that have refused to legalize gambling have themselves gambled consistently…Some of these backfired, some did not, and some are still open to interpretation. But these were all gambles by governments that don't allow gambling…
    In these modern times, government should exist to serve us, not rule us. Yet, our government routinely behaves as if we are mere subjects.
  • the Rama story has become almost a second language of the whole culture area, a shared core…in which Text 1 can say one thing and Text 2 something else, even the exact opposite. (The many versions are) symbolic translations of each other…
    to some extent all (versions) inevitably have all three kinds of elements…But the proportions between the three kinds of relations differ vastly…And we accordingly read them for different reasons and with different aesthetic expectations…In the one, we rejoice in the similarity; in the other, we cherish and savor the differences.
    These various texts not only relate to prior texts directly, to borrow or refute, but they relate to each other through this common code or common pool. Every author, if one may hazard a metaphor, dips into it and brings out a unique crystallization, a new text with a unique texture and a fresh context…In this sense, no text is original, yet no telling is a mere retelling
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