links for 2010-06-11

11 Jun
  • When we remember that we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained
    – Mark Twain (read the 2 letters he wrote, in the link above)
  • Our main leisure activity…we retreat to the imagination to worlds created by others, as with books, movies, video games, and television…or to worlds we ourselves create, as when daydreaming and fantasizing…
    Imagination is Reality Lite—a useful substitute when the real pleasure is inaccessible, too risky, or too much work.
    But there are also certain compelling features of the imagination…unreal events can be more moving than real ones. There are three reasons for this.
    First, fictional people tend to be wittier and more clever than friends and family, and their adventures are usually much more interesting…
    Second, life just creeps along, with long spans where nothing much happens…Stories solve this problem…
    Finally, the technologies of the imagination provide stimulation of a sort that is impossible to get in the real world…
    So while reality has its special allure, the imaginative techniques of books, plays, movies, and television have their own power.
  • Hugely disappointed with the over-reaction of the US administration and citizens over the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, oil major British Petroleum (BP) has announced that henceforth it will direct all its environmentally damaging activities towards India with a sustained focus on oil spill. The announcement by BP is being seen as a strong retort to Obama’s deadline given to the company for presenting an updated plan for battling the oil spill crisis.
    “India is an emerging economy with a heart for corporate misdemeanors. We are extremely impressed with their handling of Bhopal Gas Tragedy. The patience shown by the government, the investigation agencies and the judiciary has been exemplary, and the USA needs to learn a thing or two from the next superpower.” Tony Hayward, CEO of BP said in a press note.
  • HR is the corporate function with the greatest potential…and also the one that most consistently underdelivers…
    In a knowledge economy, companies that have the best talent win. We all know that. Human resources execs should be making the most of our, well, human resources — finding the best hires, nurturing the stars, fostering a productive work environment — just as IT runs the computers and finance minds the capital. HR should be joined to business strategy at the hip.
    Instead, most HR organizations have ghettoized themselves literally to the brink of obsolescence…
    Most human-resources managers aren't particularly interested in, or equipped for, doing business. And in a business, that's sort of a problem. As guardians of a company's talent, HR has to understand how people serve corporate objectives. Instead…business acumen is the single biggest factor that HR professionals…lack today
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