links for 2010-06-15

15 Jun
  • compulsive truth-tellers don’t last in organisations for more than five minutes. Offices are glued together with lies. We pretend to like people we work with. We must pretend to be satisfied with our jobs. We must pretend to think our company is better than the competition. By accepting a place in any hierarchy, you are bending yourself out of shape.
    So when asked by an anxious editor: how are you getting along with your column? I say: “Nearly done. It’ll be with you by six.”
    The first bit is a lie. The truth is that I have wasted time and the column is barely begun. The next bit is true. Deadlines must be met. I am proud of my lies. Proud of my ability to adjust behaviour according to the circumstances, and hope I have passed on the gift to my children.
  • Not surprisingly, the government is feigning ignorance about the democratic movement against such efforts. In India too, there is a robust case against rejecting what has been rejected in the UK. The UID project is a blatant case of infringement of civil liberties. The government's identification exercise follows the path of the Information Technology Act 2000 that was enacted in the absence of no data or privacy protection legislation…
    Both the UID and NPR, through convergence, represent a case of the State and the 'market' tracking citizens for one reason or the other. It is benign neither in its design nor in its execution. The working paper of the UIDAI revealed that the 'UID number will only guarantee identity, not rights, benefits or entitlements'. It is also said that it would not even guarantee identity, it would only provide 'aid' in identification.
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