links for 2010-06-17

17 Jun
  • Forty years ago…most people thought of memory as a recording device. It stored imprints of what you had experienced, and you could retrieve these imprints when prompted by questions or images. Loftus began to show that this wasn't true. Questions and images didn't just retrieve memories. They altered them. In fact, they could create memories that were completely unreal…
    For her courage in confronting this menace, Loftus was ostracized by clinical psychologists, denounced as an enemy of women, and accused of molesting her own children, though she had none. Armed guards accompanied her at lectures. And when she dared to reinvestigate a particularly compelling allegation of sexual abuse…her university seized her files and barred her from publishing or discussing her findings. She persisted in the face of these ordeals because she refused to live in a world of lies.
    That was the story she told about herself in books and interviews. And it was the truth. But not the whole truth.
  • it is fantastic for children to garner such accomplishments. At the same time, when the shots don't go in the goal, when the strikeouts occur, or when the science test grade is not so hot, then what? How do we inspire our children to value themselves, especially when they struggle in life?
    Children need those all important self talk and reasoning skills to learn how to truly know their value over the long term. Without such skills, they can't take their own personal inventory of past efforts and accomplishments to coach themselves to feel good about themselves in the face of difficult times. We all know that self-esteem is so important for all of us as human beings. It's crucial as parents that we facilitate our children to learn how to value themselves. Realize that we don't just "give" our children self-esteem as a gift. Rather…we empower our children to continually give the gift of self-esteem to themselves.
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