links for 2010-06-21

21 Jun
  • It is work with a different set of values from the ones that medicine traditionally has had: values of teamwork instead of individual autonomy, ambition for the right process rather than the right technology, and, perhaps above all, humility…
    You are joining a special profession. Doctors and scientists, we are all in the survival business, but we are also in the mortality business. Our successes will always be restricted by the limits of knowledge and human capability, by the inevitability of suffering and death. Meaning comes from each of us finding ways to help people and communities make the most of what is known and cope with what is not.
    This will take science. It will take art. It will take innovation. It will take ambition. And it will take humility. But the fantastic thing is: This is what you get to do.
  • In some ways, he expects more of her than even her mother. Mom, after all, just wants her to get high marks. Dad—oh, God!—Dad wants her to succeed in life, whatever that is. But Dad, in a weird way, gets her…His accepting eyes are different from her mother’s hopeful ones. Or so the daughter thinks…
    It is wrong, what people say. Parents aren’t your past; in many ways, they are your future. They offer you a glimpse of how you’ll end up. In my father, I see my contradictions and my angst; my eccentricities and imperfections. Because I love him, I can accept these frailties as my own…
    Most kids emulate their parents in certain areas and rebel against them in others…We are not carbon copies of our parents. We are permutations and mutations of their genes.
    To fathers everywhere—for the things you do for your sons and daughters; for the stasis you maintain in the home; and for the weird, lovable, eccentric, incorrigible characters that you are—Happy Father’s Day.
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