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02 Jul
  • In one respect, football referees and cricket umpires are like governments. I often rant…about how governments are supposed to serve us, but somehow contrive to rule us. Similarly, referees and umpires are there only to implement the laws of the game and keep it going smoothly. They are servants of the game. You'd think otherwise to see the hubris some of them display. Power intoxicates us, so much so that we might sometimes forget why we were granted that power.
    Those referees and umpires who speak out against the use of technological aids do themselves a disservice. Technology…won't make them redundant; instead, it will help them do their job better.
    Consider how ludicrous it is that during a televised match, thanks to technology, every viewer can see exactly what happened on the field of play — except the one man actually making decisions about it. Referees are judged by tools that are not made available to them. That is both unfair to them and a betrayal of the sport.
  • The clouds were pretending to be clouds
    when in fact they were overheard comments
    regarding his recent behavior, but muffled,

    as though heard through a wall. Unlike
    the personal messages being conveyed to him
    in the form of asides by people on TV, chilling

    in their calm and unequivocal malevolence.
    In the garden the roses were opening,
    chanting in unison, My name is Mary and

    you really don’t want to come near me,
    not if I was the last little swastika nympho
    on earth, and what was that supposed to mean!

    Then there were the others who lived there.
    (Was he living there now?) They were indifferent
    to him with the very striking exception

    of two friends. He could tell they were friends
    by the marked improvement in their moods
    when his was at its most truly desolate.

  • Over time one gets used to the trappings of office…
    Gradually, we begin to take these luxuries for granted…
    this life is remarkably difficult to walk away from. Especially if what awaits you on the other side is entrepreneurship and associated insanities.
    Businesses are tough to set up, tough to run and very few start-ups eventually make money…
    So the transition from office to garage can be rather traumatic and uncertain. Which is perhaps why so few people manage that transition. Or indeed even attempt it.
    Then why do so many people make the same plans of quitting in two/three years to do their own thing?
    For many, I guess, this plan is a mental balm that soothes them at work.
    Some are sincere in their plans. But they desperately need the salary. They may have loans to pay and families to support…
    There is also a certain sex appeal associated with entrepreneurs…
    In the end, I guess, all that matters is what you want to do when you wake up in the morning.
  • The Onion – America's Finest News Source – risks life & limb to bring us this exclusive 🙂
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