links for 2010-07-08

08 Jul
  • One of the defining, and most crucial, features of effective bosses is that they shield their followers — whether from political maneuvering or resource grabbing or just the innumerable distractions, indignities, time suckers, lame rules, and local idiots that go with organizational life — and create the space for them to succeed. (The best…have the self-awareness to know when they themselves are the source of any of that, and need to shelter people from their own worst tendencies.)…
    When someone has their boss's backing, it's an emotional relief as well as a material one. In tough times, or facing new risks, people feel highly vulnerable and their feelings of safety and esteem can evaporate…
    you may think you are constantly doing the same type of thing. And maybe you are. But remember…research suggests that bosses tend to be poor judges of what it feels like to work for them. Don't assume that it's obvious to your people that you go above and beyond to shield and support them.
  • In most people's minds, spending money on luxuries sets off alarms that making investments doesn't…Investing bypasses those alarms…
    The solution is to develop new alarms. This can be a tricky business, because while the alarms that prevent you from overspending are so basic that they may even be in our DNA, the ones that prevent you from making bad investments have to be learned, and are sometimes fairly counterintuitive.
    A few days ago I realized something surprising: the situation with time is much the same as with money. The most dangerous way to lose time is not to spend it having fun, but to spend it doing fake work. When you spend time having fun, you know you're being self-indulgent. Alarms start to go off fairly quickly…
    And yet I've definitely had days…at the end of which, if I asked myself what I got done that day, the answer would have been: basically, nothing…
    With time, as with money, avoiding pleasure is no longer enough to protect you.
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