links for 2010-07-12

12 Jul
  • "Tomorrow, in a very real sense, your life — the life you author from scratch on your own — begins.
    How will you use your gifts? What choices will you make?
    Will inertia be your guide, or will you follow your passions?
    Will you follow dogma, or will you be original?
    Will you choose a life of ease, or a life of service and adventure?
    Will you wilt under criticism, or will you follow your convictions?
    Will you bluff it out when you're wrong, or will you apologize?
    Will you guard your heart against rejection, or will you act when you fall in love?
    Will you play it safe, or will you be a little bit swashbuckling?
    When it's tough, will you give up, or will you be relentless?
    Will you be a cynic, or will you be a builder?
    Will you be clever at the expense of others, or will you be kind?"
  • Our collective urgency, fear and yearning to stuff more into our day are merely symptoms of a much larger issue: how we relate to time itself.
    Establishing a positive relationship with time is a lot like investing. You have to give something to get a return. Investing a little time on the front end can give you a surplus at the end. Here's how.
  • Latter-day friendships are difficult. The stakes are too high. First, there is the time involved in making friends, which needs to be prioritized over family, children, work and other commitments. Who has the time to simply do lunch to nurture a friendship these days? Second, middle-aged folks have reached certain positions in their careers and life as a result of which they cannot reveal themselves in the carefree fashion that they used to in college. They have to hide their vulnerabilities. Third, most of us don’t need friends the way we did in college when they were our supporters, soulmates, cheerleaders and rescuers. As we get older, we rely on multiple people for all the things our friends did for us: Spouses become soulmates, household help supports, and colleagues can become cheerleaders. Money covers much of what friends did…Latter-day friends however…can be great emotional salves.
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