links for 2010-07-15

15 Jul
  • the crisis starts when the people who define themselves by their religion, through threats and through acts of violence, start impinging on my basic rights of expression…As if such extra-constitutional intimidation was not enough, there is also the government…which, through the force of law, does its best to inhibit expressions of free opinion…
    I always thought that in a democracy, free speech needs to be guarded especially when it hurts someone’s sentiments…Evidently I was wrong.
    On the same principle though, I am opposed to the French ban on the veil as I see it as an impingement by a secular progressive society on the right of an individual, in this case someone who is overtly religious, to express herself as she deems fit…While the state should interfere if people are forced to cover themselves up, it has no right to prevent citizens from making…voluntary…choices…that impact only the person making that choice and which lead to no deprivation for anyone…
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