links for 2010-08-03

03 Aug
  • The government has no business spending obscene sums on something that has no tangible returns for taxpayers whose money it is. Even if it were a spotless clean event, I wouldn’t be convinced.
    National pride is an interesting angle. As the event approaches, expect costs to soar higher as money is thrown at problems — It is a matter of national pride, after all. Would anyone of you be happy if India is embarrassed? No, right? (Kalmadi has already called Mani Shankar Aiyar an anti-national for his comment.)
    The argument is a complete smokescreen: I’d be wary whenever a government official invokes national pride. It is always a cover for some larger issue.
  • No one beats the Pune cops at copping. For one, they pick and choose their battles. Finding the culprits of the Pune bomb blast is, like soooo 2009. They’re onto more important stuff, such as detaining 498 students for partying.
  • There is an interesting lesson here, a broader one, for every boss who is offered a new job. If you are lucky, or perhaps strategic, following damaged goods like Mr. Hayward will make things a lot easier (at least at first) than if you follow a widely admired boss. This is also a pattern that I commented on in The No Asshole Rule — where quite a few bosses explained to me that it was great to take a job where the last boss was a certified asshole because, in comparison, they seemed to civilized.
  • Good leaders must face facts, prepare for the worst case scenario, draw on the whole team, show constant concern for stakeholders, acknowledge mistakes and not make the same ones twice, and do the honorable thing if getting in the way of company progress. BP, in fact, mobilized thousands of employees and former employees from around the world to work on the Gulf Oil spill; the saga of Mr. Hayward now seems peripheral to the main action.
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