links for 2010-08-19

19 Aug
  • Google has come up with a neat idea that will help them deliver new photo editing features to their Picasa desktop software more quickly while users won’t have to install any updates.
    They have integrated Picnik, which is one of the best online image editing apps, with the desktop version of Picasa. That means you can open an image inside Picasa, edit it using Picnik and the change are saved directly to your local disk – all this without leaving Picasa.
    Picnik offers a much wider array of image effects and photo-retouching tools and you can now access them all from with Picasa. The integration is nearly perfect and you may not even realize that you are editing photos inside a web-app and not a desktop application. You however need to be online to use the Picnik toolset.
    Picnik integration is available in Picasa 3.8 and the software is available for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
  • the majority of engagement-improvement initiatives continue to treat employee engagement as an end goal. Employee engagement is a condition—manifested by the inspiration an employee unleashes in his or her work when he or she is deeply connected to a mission, purpose, and the values that connect us…
    Only when observable leadership behaviors are identified, communicated, measured, tracked, managed, and integrated into business processes and talent-management systems can an organization evolve on its cultural journey…
    Improving employee engagement does not require executives to don their motivational capes and work on improving employee engagement. Instead, the process begins with a simple question about the workforce, a query whose answer leaders should act upon: Are our employees inspired?
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