links for 2010-08-30

30 Aug
  • If you only had 365 days left, how would you spend them? What would you immediately shave from your life? What would you urgently begin to make time for?
    Each of us actually does have a finite period of time here on this earth, we just don't live like we do. You really might just have a year left, or two, or ten. Heading towards forty, lately I'd been feeling the reality of that more and more…
    Here's a bonus – if you spend as much of your time as possible doing what's the very most meaningful, invigorating, joyful and fulfilling, you'll infuse your cells with that joy and likely dramatically increase the years that you actually get here (and improve your health, energy and quality of life in doing so).
    Say yes to life! Say no to anything that drains it away from you.
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