links for 2010-09-14

14 Sep
  • Many movie buffs – even the ones with eclectic tastes – classify films as "Serious" and "Entertaining" as if these are mutually exclusive categories. Often the classification itself is based on a superficial reading…
    But great cinema doesn't lend itself to such polarities, and the inability to recognise that a film with popular appeal can also be a "film of ideas" is often rooted in intellectual laziness, or the need to be spoon-fed – like the reader who thinks a biography of an inspirational real-life person is by definition more profound than a genre novel. Meaning can be subtly embedded within the structure of movies whose primary function is to engage a mass audience, and it can add value without interfering with our enjoyment
  • The air in the mountains lets you relax and chill out to a point where you are not bothered by how the driver seemed to be taking his own sweet time to transport you to your final destination. Cliched as it sounds, the journey by itself was a fun experience as the landscape changed from the hot plains to the cooler mountains until such time that when we finally arrived, the entire place had grown misty and obscured the magnificent conifers and the hilly landscape from our view.
    I can always say in retrospect that the longer, significantly more uncomfortable journey was fun because I had no choice but to endure it. However, that sudden feeling of wanting to say goodbye to the train as it left the platform to take alternate transport into the hills instead gave me a chance to see parts of the country that I would’ve otherwise had limited incentive to visit, and for that I am grateful.
  • In McLeodGanj, it seemed like every dog had its day, every single day.
    Dogs are supposed to be reincarnated monks who had previously left the fold but have now seen the light and wish to atone for their act of desertion and are thus seen around temples and monasteries. With this belief, all the stray dogs as well as the pet ones are all taken care of very well and fed to their heart’s content.
    It didn’t seem as if any of them was ill-treated, unlike dogs in most other places in the country.That was strongly evinced by how healthy, happy and friendly most of them seemed to be.
  • In business, creating a favourable impression at the first point of customer contact is an absolute imperative. Though everyone knows this, many companies still only manage to do a mediocre job at best.
    But what isn’t widely understood is that in a world where so many transactions are conducted online, the customer’s second impression of the brand can be even more important than his first.
    The second interaction a customer has with your business usually involves something that has gone wrong—they’re having trouble using the product or service.
    Handled correctly, this is a situation in which a company can create a very positive impression. Sadly, it’s where things often go terribly wrong.
    One of the biggest mistakes I see is companies burying their customer service phone numbers in their websites’ deepest, darkest nooks and crannies.
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