links for 2010-09-20

20 Sep
  • # We Are Very Unlikely to Return to the DoubleTree Club Houston.
    * Lifetime chances of dying in a bathtub: 1 in 10,455
    * (National Safety Council)
    * Chance of Earth being ejected from the solar system by the gravitational pull of a passing star: 1 in 2,200,000
    * (University of Michigan)
    * Chance of winning the UK Lottery: 1 in 13,983,816
    * (UK Lottery)
    * Chance of us returning to the DoubleTree Club Houston: worse than any of those
    * (And what are the chances you’d save rooms for us anyway?)
  • From a practical standpoint, however, the best bosses realize that “time was invented because you can’t do everything all at once.” They push for performance and put humanity on the back burner at times, but, as IDEO founder David Kelley explains in Good Boss, Bad Boss, they build-up humanity credits or what he calls “love points” by doing things like taking out time to have a little fun or give people assignments that may not be especially profitable to the company, but are of great intrinsic interest to the person in question – either to “make-up” for a period of dull or stressful work — or to build up some points to burn later.
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