links for 2010-09-21

21 Sep
  • I’ve met at least 50 Web entrepreneurs over a few trips to India. Most are based in Bangalore, most worked at a multinational, made a huge salary saved up money and quit to start a company. Nothing wrong with that. What worries me is how many of them have said the equivalent of, “If this doesn’t work out in a year or two, I can always get another multinational job.” As Kalra’s example shows, that’s not how it works. Entrepreneurship is about commitment…
    It’s worth noting that when Kalra asked his staff to take paycuts in those dark days, 17 left but about 25 stayed. He wanted to make sure he rewarded them for their loyalty and invested in the company’s culture, inspired greatly by Zappos’ culture book…Frequently startups in India complain that multinational jobs have lead to a culture of mercenaries who don’t value stock and will leave for a higher paycheck. But Kalra’s experience has proved that like anywhere else, retention is possible if you build the right culture.
  • One of the principles of good dashboard design is that you should try to put all of the information that people might want to connect and compare onto a single screen. If people have to scroll to see everything or navigate between different screens, it makes it almost impossible to make comparisons and see relationships between the variables.
  • Now what should be done at the Babri site—I honestly believe (and I am sure I am not the only one) that, in order to please everyone, we should construct a gigantic shopping mall- multiplex complex. Why? Because a mall is the temple of modern India…as it is constructed in the name of the one God that unites us all—- Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Himmeshites. The Capitalist God, the most secular of them all. Vulgar and ostentatious He may be but at least when He peddles false hopes of salvation by making you sacrifice your money, He discriminates against no one.
    And that perhaps is not a bad thing after all.
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