links for 2010-09-22

22 Sep
  • The seeds of the next collapse are always planted in the embers of the last. Ever wonder if you're sacrificing honor for expedience? Ask yourself if you're doing any of the following:
    Clamping Down: You brook no dissent. Imperious and impatient, you fend off any entreaties with the usual dismissals: "It's none of your business;" "what's done is done; and "I'm not going to explain myself to you." You hide behind your reputation and title, bursting with piety, expressing indignation that anyone dares question you…
    Denying: This isn't really happening. It's not as bad as it looks. You can claim it can all be made up later. It's already too big and too late to cover your tracks. So you string it along, hold onto what you have, if only for a few extra moments. You're running away from the day of reckoning. You're not alone.
    Those around you are starting to suspect but dare not speak of it. There's too much to lose. Knowing the truth would only make it worse.
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