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  • in preferring faith over fact, the judgment calls into question the idea of plurality that distinguishes India…This is a principle enshrined in our Constitution, and it is this principle that enjoins my loyalty to the Indian state.
    The Sangh Parivar prescribes a nationality based on the notion of a motherland, my nationality is based on the values enshrined in the Constitution. The Sangh Parivar prescribes a nationhood based on a shared history of millennia, my loyalty lies with the India created on 15 August 1947. In the Sangh Parivar’s view, Rama is an iconic symbol of national assertion, in my view I am an Indian irrespective of what view I hold of Rama or any other religious figure.
    In the Sangh Parivar’s view, there is a dominant strand of history that we must pay allegiance to…For me, an Indian can lay claim to many varied and often opposing strands of history; what eventually matters is how we negotiate our shared contemporary history.
  • Parents and caregivers are the ones who instill a moral code. We teach children to do the right thing by example and, as every parent has told me, their children watch them like hawks. We all falter and screw up, myself included, but some parents will blame the fact they are unable to provide such lessons because they have three jobs, latch-key kids and are fighting against media influences too powerful to counter. That’s a cop out. All the moral lessons I learned occurred in seconds – a Scoutmaster telling me to not pick on the weak, my mom chastising me when I had done wrong, my Dad telling me to open a door for an old lady and my godfather’s tenderness with the sick, dying and confused. I can roll up all those lessons about human decency into two hours worth of time. Morality is taught in moments – not in textbooks.
  • People rarely schedule working time. And when they do it’s viewed as second-tier time. It’s interruptible. Meetings trump working time…
    Why are you letting other people put things on your calendar? The idea of a calendar as a public fire hydrant for colleagues to mark is ludicrous. The time displayed on your calendar belongs to you, not to them. It’s been allocated to you to complete tasks. Why are you taking time away from your coding project to go to a meeting that someone you barely know added you to without asking and without the decency to have submitted an agenda?
    Start saying no.
    Why do you feel like others have more of a right to your time than you do? The time is yours…
    “I’m adding a meeting” should really be “I’m subtracting an hour from your life.”
  • It sounds quite funny that the Indian population does not get good quality of financial advice at a time when there are so many advisors! This happens because the average Indian who wants to invest money is not too keen to pay money for advice. This has been tackled by the industry very smartly. They recruit salesmen and call them advisors. There is a designation soup out there – advisor, certified advisor, planner, certified planner, agent, consultant, certified financial consultant – sadly all of them are salesmen…
    Here is what a customer expects from his agent.
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