links for 2010-10-14

14 Oct
  • Some piece of you
    stays in me and I'll never give it back.
    The heart needs its thorns
    just as the rose its profligacy.
    Just because you've had enough
    doesn't mean you wanted too much.
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  • My heart leaps up when I behold
    A rainbow in the sky;
    Contrariwise, my blood runs cold
    When little boys go by.
    For little boys as little boys,
    No special hate I carry,
    But now and then they grow to men,
    And when they do, they marry.
    No matter how they tarry,
    Eventually they marry.
    And, swine among the pearls,
    They marry little girls.

    Oh sweet be his slumber and moist his middle!
    My dreams, I fear, are infanticiddle.
    A fig for embryo Lohengrins!
    I'll open all his safety pins,
    I'll pepper his powder, and salt his bottle,
    And give him readings from Aristotle.
    Sand for his spinach I'll gladly bring,
    And Tabasco sauce for his teething ring.
    Then perhaps he'll struggle through fire and water
    To marry somebody else's daughter.

  • performance metrics…are a lot like laws: We keep adding fresh ones without getting rid of any (or getting much in return)…
    All too often, organizations set measures based on financial targets. That's not a bad thing because they represent what the business needs to accomplish. What is frequently missing are metrics that are aligned with what the customer wants. Finding the balance between the two is the challenge…
    the seven deadly sins of metric performance:
    1. Vanity: (using metrics that you have mastered, or that make you look good)
    2. Provincialism: (let organizational or department boundaries such as budgets determine your metrics)
    3. Narcissism
    4. Laziness: This is the mistake of simply assuming what's important to measure—or measuring what's easy…
    5. Pettiness: Companies too often focus on a small part of what matters, rather than on the totality, or end results…
    6. Inanity: Many companies create metrics without any consideration for the consequences…
    7. Frivolity
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