links for 2010-10-16

16 Oct
  • in a society which still doesn’t want to educate girls because ‘uske baad par nikal aate hain’…where our ‘sanskaar’ have actually given social sanction to marriages in teens and most teenage pregnancies are justified as not unwed and so ‘legitimate’, a show like ‘Balika Vadhu’ should be under the same scanner, as far as social health is concerned, as smoking on screen and promoting alcohol in general media is…
    Because that’s what it is getting away with for now – a small statutory warning at the end of the show – a throwaway 10 second message that says some random social ‘truth’ and attempts to warn us that this practice is injurious to health…
    Frankly, we just watched a criminal offense being perpetrated on TV for the past 2 years or so, and…are now accepting the victim and the criminal should live together and even procreate. Which other country in the world is this regressive, I don’t know…We just set the standard so low, it will be hard to go any lower.
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  1. Shefaly

    October 18, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    I have never quite figured whether women-haters in India want us women to have “par” or not. If education means “par nikal aate hain” and short hair means “par-kati” and both are bad or undesirable behaviours, which one is it that women should aspire to so their life is not living hell every day? Par or no-par?


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