links for 2010-10-17

17 Oct
  • Some of you may be wondering how Ram is a sporting icon. And if you are, it is because you are a westernised, pseudo-secular Macaulayputra who is completely out of touch with our great culture and epics…
    Besides, searching other religions for gay icons will not be very useful, because they just don't have anybody interesting for people into consensual gay sex. Catholic priests could be icons for child rape, and the prophet Mohammed could be an icon for straight paedophilia. Christ is iconic of delayed ejaculation, since he will only come at the end of the world; and Krishna and Joseph Smith are more polygamy icons. The closest anyone comes is Guru Gobind Singh, who might appeal to bears. So out of the entire pantheon, Ram is a gay icon by elimination. But we don't have to resort to Ram being the one eyed king in the eye of the blind. His gay icon status is robust enough to stand by itself, and recently it's been getting a boost from contemporary, heh, iconography.
  • Most of the Indians woke up shocked to learn that the festival of Dussehra stood cancelled for today as one of the chief characters of the celebrations, the demon king Ravan, had run to Pakistan. Even though Ravan is widely believed to be a citizen of Sri Lanka, the Pakistani establishment allowed him inside and was now refusing to hand him over to India. The incident has added further acrimony to the already tense relations between India and Pakistan.
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