links for 2010-10-21

21 Oct
  • some of my HR colleagues are real dunces. I know because people write me and tell me about them all the time. And when you run into one of these, there are times you must, must, must push back. HR is not outside the company structure. They report into somebody…
    Because your job as a manager is to make the business profitable, and you do that by hiring, retaining, and developing the best people, don’t let HR stand in your way of doing just that. Here are 3 times when you must push back:
    1. When the existing policy defies good sense.
    2. You need to fire a poor performer.
    3. HR wants your employees (and you!) to attend a ridiculous training.
  • A close friend got married last week, and in the build-up to her wedding I compiled a few hard truths from the trenches. I'd rank them in the "easy to note; hard to enact" category of human endeavor.
    #1 There will be one disagreement in your marriage that will never be resolved–and you will never agree on what it is! The earlier you identify and accept it, the better. Encourage your partner to do the same with his or her complaint.
    #2 You can only change yourself. This is as intellectually obvious as it is emotionally challenging. Important to remember when struggling with #1.
    #3 Be stoic about your own (no doubt herculean) efforts. If you want it done, do it and don't expect praise. Yes, I am unfortunately thinking specifically of housework here. Reframe the task(s) as maintenance and improvement you do for yourself alone. This helps, because the corollary (3b) is: Don't expect anyone else to notice what you do. For all intents and purposes, you are doing it for yourself!
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