links for 2010-11-01

01 Nov
  • In order to help you, I’ve put together a few suggestions that will help you get the lowest raise possible. If you follow these steps, I guarantee everyone else in the department will fare better than you will and you can peacefully go about life without the burden of a higher tax bracket.
  • "Most people don’t know the basic scientific facts about happiness—about what brings it and what sustains it—and so they don’t know how to use their money to acquire it. … Money is an opportunity for happiness, but it is an opportunity that people routinely squander because the things they think will make them happy often don’t."
    …So the question, is how should we be spending our money to make ourselves happier? Here are the rules they lay out, plucked straight from their paper:
    Buy experiences instead of things:
    Help others instead of yourself:
    Buy many small pleasures instead of few big ones:
    Buy less insurance:
    Pay now and consume later:
    Think about what you’re not thinking about:
    Beware of comparison shopping:
    Follow the herd instead of your head:
  • From the start, he treated SAS employees as he had always wanted to be treated. In return, he expected they would be more likely to stay as well as to align their behavior with organisational goals and give their best efforts. Few companies can boast of a performance record like SAS's and Goodnight believes the firm's culture is key. Its annual employee turnover rate of approximately 4% – versus the typical 20 percent experienced by companies in the software industry – provides additional data that support Goodnight's approach.
    At a time when most companies are laying off workers, expecting their employees to work longer hours, and cutting back on benefits, SAS is a different story…
    Employees also benefit from an unusual degree of autonomy. SAS has no dress code, no set work hours nor any limitation on annual sick days. The culture also has an egalitarian feel to it. Everyone there knows that Goodnight, in addition to his CEO duties, spends time writing code like many of them.
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