links for 2010-12-07

07 Dec
  • Even if you're not self-employed, your boss is you. You manage your career, your day, your responses. You manage how you sell your services and your education and the way you talk to yourself.
    Odds are, you're doing it poorly.
    If you had a manager that talked to you the way you talked to you, you'd quit. If you had a boss that wasted as much as your time as you do, they'd fire her. If an organization developed its employees as poorly as you are developing yourself, it would soon go under.
    I'm amazed at how often people choose to fail when they go out on their own or when they end up in one of those rare jobs that encourages one to set an agenda and manage themselves. Faced with the freedom to excel, they falter and hesitate and stall and ultimately punt.
  • Yet, there was curiousity and anxiety about this new world, encapsulated in this sentence I’ve heard a million times: “Anyone can say anything!” Such anxiety about free speech ironically came from journalists who are the first to resist any move from the state to regulate the media.
    If every citizen seemed to be ranting against the media on the net, this was matched by the shrinking space of the letters column in the papers, and the absence of any occasion where news channels apologise for their mistakes…
    People loved it to see public figures accessible on Twitter, but making yourself accessible on social media has also backfired for some, bringing more than usual wrath when you’re down and out just because you are present thereto be pilloried.
    Citizens may not have become journalists, but what has changed forever is that journalists have been brought down from their pedestals to be ordinary citizens. Champions of democracy, rejoice.
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